Gis Cache

On launching Network optimization or Simulation experiment, anyLogistix starts caching routes required to execute the experiment. A user is notified about the quantity of routes that has to be cached:

Since the process of routes caching might take quite a while, you may want to click Cancel to abort launching the experiment. In this case, anyLogistix will stop the experiment but route caching will proceed in the background to later allow you instantly run the experiment.

Note: If you run another experiment requiring routes to be downloaded while caching routes for the previous experiment, the routes will be queued up.
The number of routes left to cache is shown in the bottom left corner of the GIS map. Information depicted on the GIS map differs depending on the type of the experiment:

Parameters of the GIS Cache dialog box

The Gis Cache dialog box contanis the following parameters:

In-memory routes cache: 0 (0) - shows the number of currently cached routes (distances) that are stored in memory.
Routes - [available only if the Show sourcing paths is enabled on the GIS map] the number of cached routes (that are shown on the GIS map).
- a distance is a length of a single path between two objects. The number shows the quantity of distances (of both straight routes and actual roads) that have been cached.
Hard drive routes cache: 0 (0) - shows the number of currently cached routes (distances) that are stored on hard drive.

Map tile cache: 0 - the number of GIS map tiles that have been cached.

Downloading routes/distances 0(0) - the countdown of routes/distances that are left to be cached.

Cancel download - [available only if the Downloading routes/distances is active] aborts routes downloading process.

To stop background routes caching
  1. Click Settings in the menu bar and select Gis Cache... The Gis Cache dialog box will open, allowing you to view the number of currently cached routes, distances, and map tiles.
  2. Click Cancel download to stop background routes caching.