File menu

The File menu contains commands for performing the basic operations with scenarios and experiments in ALX.

New Scenario...Creates a new scenario.
Import Scenario... - Imports scenario data from MS Excel file.
Export Scenario... - Exports scenario data to MS Excel file.

Add External Table... - Adds an external table to retrieve additional information.

Undo - Allows you to undo the previous action.

Redo - Allows you to redo the previously undone action.

Change User... - allows you to log in to ALX as another user.

Select Project... - allows you to select a project (database) to work with. One project may contain multiple scenarios.

Exit - Exits ALX.

Extensions menu

Create New... - Opens a dialog box, prompting you to select the type of extension you want to create.

Edit - [Available if AnyLogic Professional is installed on your system.] Launches AnyLogic Professional, where you can define logic of your objects.

Manage... - Opens the Extensions Manager dialog box allows you to manage the currently available extensions.

Settings menu

Users... - Contains sub-items managing project mode, project users and their access rights.
Enable Password Protection - [Visible only if the current project does not have password protection] Allows you to create an admin user account for the current project.
Users... - [Available only if the current project has password protection] This option is visible only to the ALX user with administrator rights. Opens the dialog box enabling you to configure ALX accounts.

Access Rules... - [Available only if the current project has password protection] Opens the dialog box, allowing you to configure access to different types of ALX objects for the existing users.

Properties... - Opens the dialog box, allowing you to configure date and number format.

Units... - Opens the Units dialog box, allowing you to add predefined, remove existing, create new, modify and specify the measurement units and currencies.

Gis Cache... - The Gis Cache dialog box will open, allowing you to view the number of currently cached routes, distances, and map tiles and drop this cache.

Edit Icons - The Edit Icons dialog box allows you to add new, remove existing and set default icons for the objects of your supply chain scenarios.

Help menu

Import Example... - Opens the dialog box with a list of available examples to import.

Welcome Screen - Opens ALX welcome screen.

Show Log File - Opens .log file in the plain text editor.

ALX Help - Opens ALX user's documentation.

About ALX - Displays information about ALX: license type, version number, license agreement, etc.

Check for Updates - Checks if the installed version is up-to-date.

Get Support

The Get Support menu opens the anyLogistix Support dialog box, allowing you to contact ALX technical support team.