Extensions Manager

The Extensions Manager dialog box allows you to enable, disable, add and remove the default as well as user-defined extensions that can be used within the supply chain scenarios.

The selected extensions become available in the corresponding tables of any project's scenarios. (e.g. enable the XFactory entity here to later use it in the DCs and Factories table of any project's scenario). 

All extensions are located in the C:\Users\USERNAME\.anyLogistix\Extensions folder. The new extensions can be added either to this folder or to any other preferred folder. In the latter case, you will have to manually specify the location of the required extension for anylogistix to add it to the list of the available extensions.

To open the Extensions manager dialog box

  1. Choose Extensions > Manage from the main menu.
    The Extensions manager dialog box will open containing:

To activate/deactivate the required extension

  1. Click the toggle button in the corresponding row.
  2. Click OK to close the dialog box.

To add a new extension to the extension manager

There are two alternative ways to add a custom extension:
  1. Place the required extension to the Extensions folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\.anyLogistix\Extensions). It will be automatically added to the Extensions manager.
    ALX will instantly notify you about the new extension with a pop-up message. You may now:

  2. Place the new extension in any preferred folder, then open the Extensions manager and click Add. In the opened file explorer navigate to the required extension and click Open to add it. This will copy the required extension to the Extension folder, and it will be added to the list of the available extensions in the Extension manager.
    Note: The extension file that you are adding will rewrite the existing file with the same name stored in the Extensions folder. 

To remove an extension

  1. Open file explorer and navigate to either the default Extensions folder.
  2. Select the required .jar files and either remove them from the folder or delete them.
    ALX will instantly notify you about the changes with a pop-up message. You may now: