Configure Statistics

The Configure statistics dialog box allows you to specify the statistics to be collected during the Simulation experiment. 

The statistics selected in this dialog box can be visualized in the Statistics Dashboard by means of tables and charts (by default all statistics are checked). The unselected statistics cannot be added to the dashboard and will not be collected during the Simulation experiment.

The Configure statistics dialog box contains statistics table:

To enable/disable the required statistics

  1. Click the toggle button in the corresponding row.  

To enable/disable all the statistics

  1. Press Ctrl and click the Enabled column title. Toggle buttons referring to all the currently available statistics will be selected.
  2. Press Spacebar to instantly change the state of all toggle buttons and as a result activate/deactivate all the statistics.

If required, the data of each column can be sorted or filtered just like in any other ALX table.

Once you have configured the statistics for the experiment click OK to close the dialog box.

Now you can move on to configure the Statistics Dashboard and running the required simulation based experiment afterwards.


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