Compact View

The Product Flows table allows to move 10 of its columns into a new Constraints column at the end of the table. This will not remove the data the columns contain, but it will save the space occupied by these columns, thus increasing user experience. The button will switch to Detailed View.

The values of hidden columns:

To enable Compact View
  1. Navigate to the Product Flows table.
  2. Click the Compact View button. The following 10 columns will be moved to the newly created Constraints column at the end of the table:
To edit values of the hidden columns
  1. Scroll to the end of the Product Flows table. 
  2. Click the cell of the corresponding row in the new Constraints column.
    A dialog box will open, containing the hidden columns.with their values.

  3. Edit a value by clicking the required field.
  4. Click OK to close the edit box.


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