Chart Toolbar

The chart toolbar is displayed at the top of the chart window when the chart is expanded. 

To expand the chart

  1. Click the Enlarge button in the top-right corner of the chart window.

    The expanded chart will contain toolbar

The chart toolbar controls




Configure Settings

Opens the Graph Settings window, which allows you to customize the chart appearance.

Add Annotation

Opens the Add Annotation window, which allows you to add a text annotation to the chart.

Remove Annotation

Opens the Remove Annotation window, which allows you to remove text annotations from the chart.

Perform Auto Scale

Sets the chart scale so that it entirely fits the chart window.

Rubberband Zoom

Zooms into the selected rectangular area. You can use Rubberband Zoom when you need to zoom into a specific values range.

Dynamic Zoom

Zooms into the selected rectangular area.  Works as a combination of  Rubberband Zoom, Horizontal Zoom and Vertical Zoom:

  • To zoom into a rectangular area, drag diagonally.
  • To zoom into a horizontal range, drag horizontally.
  • To zoom into a vertical range, drag vertically.

Horizontal Zoom

Zooms into the selected horizontal range.

Vertical Zoom

Zooms into the selected vertical range.

Zoom In

Zooms into the point.

Zoom Out

Zooms out of the point.


Triggers panning mode, which allows panning the graph area by clicking and dragging inside it.


Deselects the currently selected tool.


Undoes the last action performed in the chart window (including the zooming actions).


Redoes the last performed Undo action.

Save Snapshot to PNG File

Takes the screenshot of the chart window and saves it to a file.


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