To make our first steps of building a supply chain we will use the Greenfield Analysis experiment, which will help us define:

The places that we should consider for building our warehouses

 The optimal quantity of warehouses to build

Network Optimization experiment will find the best solution considering all the data that we will be providing during this tutorial. It will help us define:

Exact locations for the considered distribution centers

Product sourcing policy, managing the shipping options

Inventory policy, managing the stock level

Simulation experiment is not an analytical optimization method. It considers time, allows you to conduct what-if scenarios shows real-time supply chain simulation. By using it we will:

Monitor the stock volume

Observe real-time products shipping

Monitor and examine statistics

Our task is to define the best inventory policy parameters and Variation experiment can do all the work. It will help us:

Find the accurate inventory policy parameters

Prevent us from the unwanted expenses