Phase 2. Run Risk Analysis Experiment and Examine Results

In the previous phase we imported the scenario, checked service level, and added events. In this phase we will run the Risk analysis experiment and analyze the received results.

Run the Risk analysis experiment
  1. Navigate to the Experiments section and select Risk analysis experiment. You will be taken to the experiment's view with its parameters. We are interested in the following parameters:

  2. Leave the default experiment settings and run the experiment by clicking RunExperiment execution will take some time. 
  3. Observe the final results. When the experiment is completed, you will be taken to the Result tab containing the results.

Let us analyze the received data.

Analyze the received results

  1. Navigate to the Target Service Level tab below the experiment view. The tab contains two charts:

  2. Click the Value column title to sort replications by the ascending serice level.
    As you can see, the worst service level is at Replication 5.

We have observed the basic output, for more information we must refer to the Events and Recovery tab.

Observe Data in the Events and Recover Tab
  1. Navigate to the Events and Recovery tab. The tab contains three charts:
  2. Take a closer look at the Events table:

  3. Type 5 in the field below the Replication column name to filter the data by this replication, which contains the worst service level, as seen on the History by replication chart.

    As you can see, the following events took place within this replication:

  4. Now take a look at the Recovery Time table:

  5. Type 5 in the field below the Replication column name to filter the data by this replication.
    As you can see, the service level dropped below the specified Failure service level on the 70th day of simulation, and never recovered.

In the same way analyze the data on total cost, revenue, profit, etc., which is available in the corresponding tabs below the currently open Events and Recovery

Use the received information to improve the scenario input and avoid risks.

With the last step we have successfully completed the Risk analysis experiment tutorial.

  Phase 1. Import Scenario and Add Events