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We are the AnyLogic Company – a multinational team with operations in the US and Europe. Our comprehensive supply chain optimization technology has its roots in the multimethod simulation modeling, which grew to live with AnyLogic simulation software in the year 2000.

The idea of multimethod is simple: seamlessly integrate and combine different methods for problem-solving to overcome drawbacks of individual methods and provide powerful and flexible decision support software to users.

However, bringing this vision to a reality took years of research and development to make AnyLogic’s success possible. Today, more than 700 organizations worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies choose AnyLogic for its capability with multimethod simulation.

As multimethod technology has grown within the enterprise, the natural progression combined with customer demand has driven AnyLogic to create a powerful platform to address supply chain challenges at a new qualitative level – this is how anyLogistix was born.

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